Our story

It's a story about love, travel and happiness


BEACHEE was born in a hammock in the Philippines on a hot November afternoon on a beautiful beach and ... on an ugly towel.

From there, we put away our drone, packed up our camera, drank one last cocktail and went back to France with the firm intention to fix this beach towel problem.
That’s us, a couple half French half South African 
• We love going to unexpected destinations and taking the first unusual road we can find.⁣
• We are not good at following itinerary even if we still try having one. We get lost easily, but it’s seems like we always end up in a perfect place. ⁣
• We love eating pizzas and we rate them. We haven’t yet tasted one who would deserve a 10 
• We enjoy sleeping in a van on top of a mountain in Ireland listening to the rain as much as we love waking up in a private villa on the beach in Zanzibar. ⁣
• We are minimalist, everything must always fit in hand luggage. We travel light (our towels dont take any space in our bags) but happy and free. ⁣
•We want to see the world and every single country is on the list ⁣
 Beachee is inspired by our adventures, by our desire to travel lighter and easier, not to be burdened with useless things, to empty ourselves, to take only what we need with us and to be free. We dream of a simple, colourful life, made of beaches and sunsets, but also of glaciers and mountains.
Perhaps our Beachee products will accompany you on your next family vacation or your trip around the world by boat ...
If this is the case, we have reached our goal, and we hope to receive pictures of you and your BEACHEE in a place that has inspired you.